IBM OpenPages GRC

Integrated software for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) that provides different functionalities and meets regulatory requirements.

IBM OpenPages is an integrated governance, risk and compliance solution, providing companies with enterprise-wide management of risks and regulatory challenges. OpenPages offers a group of services and functionalities that include risk and compliance, including operational risk, policies and compliance, management of financial controls, IT governance and internal auditing, fulfilling regulatory requirements.


Easy to use:
  • Intuitive web interface, focused on end user experience
  • Access and management, anytime and anywhere
  • Function-based security: the right data for the right user, at the right time
  • All data and searches are exportable to Excel
  • Document management
Flexible and configurable platform:
  • Ability to support multiple methodologies and frameworks
  • Does not depend on IT or external suppliers/integrators for changes
  • Easy to update and modify, as the business changes
  • Easy configuration
  • High security
  • Expandable
  • Open Architecture
Workflow: automated processes and best practices
  • Workflow device: automation of notifications, alerts, scaling
  • Self-assessment of controls and risks
  • Control test
  • Remediation
  • 404/302 Certifications
  • Risk-based review approval
  • Review of audit roles
  • Incident review
Centralized database
  • Unique information for the entire organization
  • Document management with access control, input and output registration resources, version control and audit trail
  • Locks & sign-offs
  • Searches / Questionnaires
  • Export and import resources
  • Access security controls

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