Do more on the TM1 with Pulse

Cubewise Pulse leverages, provides security and lets you do more with TM1. It makes it easy to extend the use of the TM1's benefits to the entire company, without sacrificing performance. That way every level of the organization can be more productive. Scale the TM1 with this leading application.


It's collaborative

Collaborative multideveloper, bringing together monitoring change history and guaranteeing effective collaboration among developers using the TM1.

Help to manage work

Pulse allows for fast onboarding of TM1 users and helps managers to track day-to-day work.

Orchestrates business processes

Monitors all processes and tasks, verifying whether conclusion was successful and issuing an alert if corrective action is needed.

Issues personalized notifications

Groups will be notified according to alert specifications.

Pulse allows for:

  • System monitoring
  • Alerts on performance & diagnostics
  • Model visualization
  • System documentation
  • Analytics: who, what, when
  • Detection of suspicious or malicious activity
  • Lifecycle management (from development to production)
  • Adherence to design standards

Governance and transparency.

Keep a record of changes made in the system using Pulse. Transparency is fundamental.

It is routine to make changes to systems. Pulse is here to keep a record of changes - which are not few. Main features of Pulse include automatic origin control and change control. All changes made in using TM1 or the Cognos Express system can be automatically uploaded to the Pulse repository.

These changes are identified by author, the person who made the change or executed it using a Turbo Integrator process, as well as the exact time the change occurred.

Internal Pulse Modules:

Dynamic Monitoring, Flight log (RDBMS), Model repository (RDBMS), Change control (Git) and Dependency (magic).


Cubewise Software was founded in 2004 by two executives in Australia. It currently has 70 employees worldwide, at 8 international offices. The company has 350 customers and over 500 successful implementations. The company is specialized in applications and tools for the TM1.