Workshops as an engagement tool

Strategic or operational change processes require major efforts due to the natural resistance to the process and the number of professionals involved. We created WholeScale™ to address this problem by mobilizing and engaging a critical mass of professionals in the enterprise with a specific objective, either strategic or operational.

WholeScale™ is a large-scale workshop design and conduction technique, a transformation methodology used by CTI to enable rapid systemic change and to guarantee the sustainability of produced effects.

Hundreds of professionals from different hierarchical levels and departments can have a joint, structured mega dialogue, something that cannot be done on a daily basis due to traditional organizational structures.

How does it work?

We first identify strategic or operational objectives the client wishes to achieve, together with the client. For example:

  • Co-creation of strategies, structures and business processes involving employees and Stakeholders;
  • Developing and aligning leadership toward strategy planning and deployment;
  • Creating and implementing specific action plans;
  • Integrating cultures, strategies and structures after mergers and acquisitions;
  • Aligning and mobilizing sales teams, management teams as well as franchisees, dealers, and distributors networks.

We then select an internal team - a microcosm that represents the entire organization, to work together with CTI consultants to do the following:

  • Identify the critical mass of professionals that will be involved in the process;
  • Design each step of the workshop(s) in detail using principles that guarantee organizational change will actually occur (Disatisfaction x Vision x First steps > Resistance to change);
  • Coordinate the complete event logistics.

Then, 2 or more experienced and trained consultants facilitate the meeting, which can involve hundreds of professionals and stakeholders. Together, they will go through the following steps:

  • Run online diagnostics of the organization;
  • Share, discuss and evaluate the information that is presented;
  • Create and review future Visions and/or Strategies;
  • Redesign structures or processes.


WholeScale™ processes facilitate integration and synergy between departments that have different activities, leading to rapid change in enterprise systems and preparing them for subsequent profound changes. Here is how:

  • Clarifying and connecting multiple viewpoints of different internal professionals and external stakeholders.
  • Unifying multiple desires around one common vision of the future.
  • Building processes, structures and relations that are aligned with the Purposes and Values shared by the company’s individuals and objectives.
  • Reaching consensus on the action plans that drive them toward this vision.
  • Aligning and engaging leaders and employees so they can implement the changes they created together.