Our Professionals

CTI has a team of over 50 consultants with technical and business expertise in different areas.

Learn more about our 8 partners who lead our team in field projects.

Francisco Loschiavo Neto

“I have a degree in electronic engineering, although I have always worked as a financial systems development consultant. My partners and I founded CTI and worked mainly in financial planning and simulation projects. I have also been in charge of strategic management projects. I believe that I have made an important contribution to the company culture by focusing on our CFOs’ needs, the high quality of our solutions and by promoting a collaborative environment in which we all share best practices.

I have also been though challenging moments at CTI. It was very interesting to develop solutions from Visicalc Sheets with 256 lines x 16 columns to latest OLAP In Memory systems that had several Terabytes. Well, that was back in the Stone Age. The best things are yet to come because technology breakthroughs are exponential. In addition to the technological challenges, I face other challenges in the Go Kart racing tracks, one of my passions."

Renato Picanço

"It has been quite an adventure ever since we first started CTI as a huge team of three consultants. We have come a long way and I am proud to say we built a company with a winning team. I am also proud to say I have deployed the greatest number of major planning models and financial simulations in Latin America. I hold a degree in B.A. and have studied in Brazil and overseas. Much of what I have learned comes from experience in hundreds of projects and innumerable solutions I have delivered to clients. To offset daily pressures I adopted diving, riding my bike and, most recently, developed a taste for running Marathons, a new addiction that I have passed on to my team – I actually created CTI’s racing team which now counts over 20 members. I have been a rock 'n' roll fan ever since I was a kid and listened to Elvis Presley records with my mother and learned to play the guitar. Count me in to travel the world to see a great of blues or rock’n’roll concert."

Miguel Marcos Cipolla

"I was born in Buenos Aires, and don’t give me any Argentine jokes because I know them all. I joined CTI as a consultant and two years later, in 2006, became a partner. I am persistent, I like to generate business opportunities and I get involved throughout the full cycle – from selling the solution to the deployment.

Financial performance, business and strategic planning and business Intelligence are some of my domain areas.

My major in B.A., minor in Foreign Trade and a postgraduate degree in Business Management and Technology helped me to get where I am now.

I like science and first decided to study Physics, but I dropped out to focus on business. On weekends I spend my time with the family - grandchildren included -, and like to take long walks - 20km or more."

André Luiz Nascimento Santos

At CTI they say that I am responsible for the Greater BH. Let me explain: I am “mineiro”, from Belo Horizonte, but I live in Espírito Santo. So I have to travel across the country to see customers from the North, Northeast and also some Southeastern  clients in Brazil. I have been a CTI partner since 2013. I hold a degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Computer Networks and Systems Analysis. I  work on financial management, budget planning, financial simulation models and BI projects, among other areas.

I also have an  academical strand and teach Business Administration courses. I am proud to be one of the most seasoned professionals in Cognos TM1 in Brazil, since 1998. My Physical Education diploma is in the drawer, but I like to run and I have joined the CTI Running Team. And of course, as a good “mineiro” (from Minas Gerais state) I love to eat “moqueca capixaba!”

Felipy Morais Chica

“What a challenge to be invited to become a CTI partner at age 28! It happened to me in 2012. I already had many responsibilities at the time, but I did not expect this recognition at such a young age and after only 4 years with company. I realized that I like to mentor CTI professionals and see them thrive in technical and business areas. I have a technical background, which allows me to explore the IT tools and constantly strive to provide better and smarter solutions to our clients. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. I like to play the drums, go to the movies and play video game. Soccer, surfing and the gym have once been a part of my life, but now I'm lazy for sports. Well, here is my New Year’s Resolution, which can apply to any month: I am going to join CTI’s Running Team soon!”

Ricardo Xavier Couto

“I only became a CTI partner in 2015, but I must say that I'm already old - I've been working with the Cognos (arrumar isso em portugues tambem) platform for 17 years now. At CTI, I work with financial performance management, budgeting, BI and strategic information. I have a degree in Business Administration and Management, and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration/Business Intelligence (BI). I have a side profession as a higher education DBA and Business Intelligence professor. Like my father, I am a big São Paulo Football Club fan, a passion that I want to share with my son. I practice aquarism, martial arts, diving, camping and fishing. I also like to call friends over for a barbecue, because a man also needs to have fun!”

Kelly Lima

“CTI is like an extension of my home, as one family that welcomed me and now I retribute it, welcoming newcomers. People say that I am a balance point of the company, that one that is always in a good mood and in high spirits, on which the others are supported. Maybe the reason, is that I love to party, people and music. For me, every party must have a dance.

I am a bachelor´s degree in business administration, with business management specialization and my background made me develop a salesperson profile. The Marketing Department and Software Renews are officially my responsibilities in CTI, but I always put me available to help in other subjects, even helping to "handle a hot potato".

I am a Taurean, so I know that I will be able to handle what lies ahead, such at CTI as in life. Always with a smile."

João Victor Membrive

“I am graduated in economics and I arrived at CTI in 2010, taking the second step in a career, still not been able to predict how it would be my career path.

For a person that started a career in a big auditing company, arriving at CTI was a shock. The tradition and all the protocols of a huge international company left the scene, opening space to the dynamism of a financial planning and tech boutique that is reinvented year after year.

Nowadays I share my time between being a CTI partner, my annual goal of 1200 miles jogging and 2400 miles cycling (next year it will be more!), readings of stoic philosophy and political science, "The Office" series (watching for 7th time), a lot of classic rock n’ roll, a few visits to shooting ranges and a few wines (a few, only if my wife is reading this).”