Running and AMS (Application Management Services)

Our AMS (Application Management Services) take care of management and support for IBM Cognos technology systems installed at your company and are indispensable to maintain quality, updating and application performance. We have an excellent support team, with well-defined processes, quickly and assertively guaranteeing detection, diagnosis and resolution of demands, in addition to maintaining satisfaction of business areas.

Companies traditionally maintain internal AMS teams. However, there is currently a growing trend towards specialized outsourcing of these services. This practice is likely to intensify over the coming years, since it results in lower costs and greater security against application errors, and it is highly consolidated and available to companies of all sizes and in every industry.


  • Availability for specialized service with a pre-established service level (SLA);
  • Access to qualified second level specialists for each type of need.Resources availability in various specializations and qualifications within the service level contracted;
  • A wide variety of service possibilities, including calls related to Infrastructure, IBM software lines and support and maintenance for applications developed;
  • Monitoring and visibility in resolving incidents through contact registration, communication history and management report mechanisms;
  • Continual evolution with increased productivity and efficiency, since users will be able to make slight evolutional adjustments and improvements to applications, relying on support from CTI consultants to do this;
  • Compliance with best practices in software use and application development;
  • Optimization and rationalization of infrastructure, with preventive monitoring of the use of resources and of performance, in addition to application of patches and version upgrades;
  • Less risk of "non-compliance" with IBM, through monitoring of the use of licenses;

Maintaining an internal dedicated team can be more expensive

Assembling a team of employees with expertise to serve various applications can be more costly. In some cases, a professional need to be hired for each product installed. Some companies still do not trust outside service providers with their business intelligence; therefore, immediately following deployment, they leave support up to their key users or the internal Information Technology department.

However, support for some systems is quite complex, especially in the case of specialized systems, compromising the response to critical incidents. As a solution, company's end up turning to an outside consultant; but finding one with the skills needed within the project window can take too long. Professionals located on an emergency basis can take days to survey the information necessary to begin resolving the call. A remote AMS area can take 16 hours to resolve an issue that a dedicated professional would resolve in 80 hours. Much less effort is expended.

Scalability of technology

As the company grows, its application systems also grow, along with the need for bigger and bigger teams. To support scalable technologies, such as Financial systems, Business Intelligence, and Data Integration, which are constantly being complemented by satellite programs, finding a consulting firm with high seniority and know-how in different developments can be a good solution. This allows the client to focus on developing their core business while not having to worry about system problems.

Technology updates

Due to a lack of vision or scope in more specialized applications, these products usually lack the updates offered by IBM. The IT area can be uncomfortable with their lack of technical knowledge on products. In these cases, the AMS service aims to keep the environment updated and keep corrections made available by the manufacturer constantly up-to-date, hand-in-hand with technology system updates maintained by IT. This allows us to resolve problems with function errors or data security corrections, in addition to suggesting new functionalities provided by the manufacturer so that consultants stay updated on the latest trends in technology.

Additional benefits of contracting CTI:

Suggestions for new and creative solutions, separate from current procedures and any biases they may have;

In-depth knowledge of best practices in development of performance management solutions using IBM Cognos software;

Large experience on systems and processes implementation, related to performance management at major corporations, including those used along with other technologies;

Management of support activities, done by experienced and trained professionals;

Proven experience through projects and clients with successful implementations;

We are a company specializing in IBM Cognos. The association of know-how on business and finances with the technologies available in the market guarantees financially consistent and technically viable solutions to problems passed along to the AMS;

Involvement of the entire senior staff in more complex problems, guaranteeing the quality of solutions proposed;

A variety of incidents found by other clients is registered in our knowledge base and is used to accelerate solutions;

We focus on transferring knowledge to the end user to guarantee maximum independence and autonomy;