Sergio Silvestre
Financial Director

Tok & Stok

"I have worked with CTI for years. We did projects at three companies. They have in-depth knowledge of Finance. In addition to creating tools, they implement creative ideas that facilitate operations.They are true partners and only finalize the job when everything that was promised is really up and running."

Luiz Fernando Fogaça
Financial and Administrative VP

CVC Viagens

"CTI has profound knowledge of Technology and Finance, offering a comprehensive and unique solution in the market at a fair price."

Leonardo Porciúncula Gomes Pereira

CVM - Comissão de Valores Mobiliários

"CTI has played a unique role in the strategic discussions we are having at the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission), to build our vision for 2023. They quickly understood how this commission operates, our challenges and our culture. With this, we were able to add a lot, not just in the initial phase in 2013, but also in deploying subsequent key projects. In this phase, their commitment is critical. They inspire us to make decisions without interference. With this, they promote our maturity in a sustainable and continued manner."

Mauricio Montilha
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


"CTI is our strategic partner in using intelligence and analytics to generate more value, agility and quality in financial information. It is rare to find a company like CTI in the market, with such potential and with technical and financial know-how. They furthermore posses an impressive ability to deliver end-to-end projects."